I am so excited to be participating in this spring clean your studio blog hop. So what happens is you start with a studio that needs to be cleaned.

My studio is my happy place

Check out my work….

My studio is my happy place and when it needs to be cleaned up this is what I do.

So here is where It all started

The best way for me to work is to have the things I use to be close to me. So I keep my supplies near me in my studio. I like to organize my projects together so that I can see the progress I am able to make once they are complete. My goal each year is to complete all the projects cut out before the year ends.

Not sure this is the best room for my studio but its all I got!

We are finished
My studio has one area to the left is the cutting table and to the right is the sewing table.
In this area I have projects that are ready to be completed located on the top shelves. Next you see my printer and at the bottom shelves I have my resource books by subject arranged.
On the top shelves I have my quilts that need to me quilted. Next you see the rulers I use to create projects. Moving on to the next shelves I have located my other items used to take pictures, bernina information and feet for my sewing machine, basket of patterns and other thinks I am using to inspire me.
All things small
Here is my sewing area along with my always needed storage unit with all the things I use daily to sew and create.
I teach 8 sew and quilting classes a week at 3 colleges in Orange County and this is my to go chart. All thing needed to teach.
Here is where I cut my fabric and iron my projects. You can also see my light box is stored under the table.
You may be asking your self where is her fabric? Do you see the door next to the table? that is where I store my fabrics in binds by manufacture and all my denim. My completed quilts are stored in the garage in large duffle bags ready for the next speaking and workshop.

If you have ever wanted to see what it looks like to be in my shoes and what my work space looks like her you go….

Spring Clean your studio 2019
Sandra Johnson designs