Sandra Johnson, travels the world full time speaking and holding workshops to groups. As a motivational person she will help you explore fabrics, textures, color, construction all the way to completion.

Sandra will take you on a journey along the quilt and sewing trail, beginning with the very first quilts and clothes she made, and her wish to honor her grandmother’s sewing art. Sandra’s workshops feature traditional, modern and art quilts, some of which rival cloth quilts in their intricacy. You will hear stories of some of the individuals who have influenced  quilt designs to honor loved ones or their local culture, along with a few poets, public officials and humanitarian activist. Making her own clothing is also discussed in her sewing workshops. Better than store made is what she strives to achieve and this is passed on to her students. To schedule Sandra use this link

Big Stitch and Boro Japanese Stitching

The workshops are both informative and entertaining, as Sandra explores the way in which our quilting heritage takes on new meaning as this movement continues to expand.

Big Stitch quilting similar to Boro uses hand stitching to create art and express creativity using thread and fabric.

This workshop will explore three different hand-stitches to be used alone or as an addition to a design element. Students will create and develop a personal hand stitch by the end of the workshop.

Boro Japanese art of using scrapes to create style which creates a statement. Boro is a no waste textile tradition dating back to the 17th century in Japan.

Big Stitch quilting similar to Boro uses hand stitching to create art and express creativity using thread and fabric.

Mary Poppins Bag or Carpenter Bag

This workshop will be inspired to create this bag from some of your favorite fabrics. You will start with simple construction. From paper pattern through construction of the bag parts you will experience a boat load of fun. Your introduction to sewing techniques, and basic bag construction all come together in this workshop.


Sashiko embroidery is one of my favorite crafts. Mastering this hand stitching process is fast and easy once you have attended this workshop. You will learn the use of the following basic materials; needles, threads, thimbles, fabrics. The patterns can look complex but just you wait and see how you will be able to master them with ease and comfort.

Traditional made Modern

Explore sewing traditional quilt blocks using half square triangles to then arranging them to create a quilt top. Hand-stitching using embroidery threads and different size needles to make a statement you desire is encouraged in class.  In addition to inspiration of style, this class includes outstanding instruction on hand quilting, including all the necessary steps, start to finish.

Modern Quilt

This workshop is perfect for the 1st time quilter or the person who needs to refresh their skills. Durning the workshop you will go through the process of creating a quilt for the beginning to end. This workshop will get you going.