Sandra Johnson, is now traveling the country full time speaking to quilt guilds and other groups about her quilts and the her path as a textile artist. She is scheduling events through 2017.

Sandra will take you on a journey along the quilt trail, beginning with the very first quilts she made, and her wish to honor her grandmother’s sewing art. Sandra’s presentation features traditional, modern and art quilts, some of which rival cloth quilts in their intricacy. You will hear stories of some of the individuals who have influenced  quilt designs to honor loved ones or their local culture, along with a few poets, public officials and humanitarian activist.

The presentation is both informative and entertaining, as Sandra explores the way in which our quilting heritage takes on new meaning as this movement continues to expand.

Sandra also offers a half-day modern quilt workshop for those who would like to participate in this new form of “quilting.”

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Quilting with fabrics from Around the Globe

Fabrics from around the globe are made out of various fibers, wools, cotton, and animal skins.  As a result, these uniquely different textures and compositions could present challenges to the quilter with regard to composing quilt designs.  This workshop series will explore techniques on how to work with such fabrics.

This workshop will explore your knowledge of quilting with fabrics from around the world.  Sandra will share expert advice on how to handle various textures and fibers of fabric, and will discuss whether hand stitching or machine quilting is best.


Got Old Jeans? Be Creative!

This workshop will inspire creativity in each attendee, through educating them on how to upcycle denim clothing such as old jeans, overalls, shirts and skirts to create fabulous works of art, utilizing simple to complex quilting designs, patterns, and methods. Hand stitching using big stitches welcome.


Sewing Letters – FREEDOM

Quilting is pluralistic by nature, and this great community is what brings us all together. and how we can also stand apart, finding our own voice that speakers to who we are, in our own time, and guides us forward as we evolve through our art. Learn to piece letters in a quilt. How do you move forward in a way that is expressive of our own unique point-of-view? Our marks are our signatures and in this class we explore all the possibilities using the english alphabet. 


Indigo Blue Fabric From Japan -Traditonal Quilt Blocks Made Modern 

Japan’s textile Indigo blue is used in creating this quilt. Indigo is native to Japan and for centuries, it has inspired weavers, dyer, merchants and artists. In class we will talk and work with indigo cotton and learn the stories behind traditional cotton folk textiles such as boro, sashiko. Explore sewing traditional quilt blocks in different sized and then arranging them to create a quilt top. Hand-stitching using embroidery threads and different sized to make the statement you desire is encouraged in class.  In addition to inspiration of style, this class includes outstanding instruction on hand quilting, including all the necessary steps, start to finish.


Machine Appliqué Raw Edge Mid Century Modern Made Easy

 This is a fun that will help you create a beautiful machine appliquéd mid century modern design quilt. Learn to make large appliqué pieces using a new iron on product, with smooth curves, perfect circles, and straight and even edges. We will explore reverse appliqué for some added excitement.  Learn to use Misty fuse a product used for appliqué. Come join the fun and learn a handful of new ideas. 

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Shibori Dyeing with Indigo

Make your own hand-dyed fabrics using the traditional Japanese Shibori dyeing techniques with authentic Indigo dye.

We will go over a variety of surface design techniques, including :

  • Shibori
  • Kumo
  • Mokume
  • Karamatsu
  • Itajime

You will learn:

  • Proper fabric preparation
  • Various binding, stitching, and clamping techniques
  • Basic tools and techniques of working with natural fabric dyes
  • Paper fold, tie and clamp resist using several patterns


Sashiko, Embroidery, Boro and more

Ancient hand-embroidery techniques derived from Japanese boroboro, meaning “something tattered,” giving fabrics a mended or patched together style.

This workshop is a casual/informal setting where you will work independently at your own pace.

You will learn:

• Japanese needlework using a thick cotton thread to create geometric patterns against a solid background fabric

• Sashiko, Embroidery, Boro are all simple techniques and skills you can learn and expand on.

• You will learn to add embroidery, sashiko, boro stitching to personalize a pair of jeans or sweatshirt.

• Bring 3 pieces of clothing or quilt tops to work on.

• Discover the top 10 best hand embroidery stitches!


The 5 Basic Principles of Design

This workshop is designed to introduce the  5 basic principles of design as it relates to quilting. In the workshop we will look at several different quilt patterns. After a quick review of the 5 basic principles of design each student will select a pattern. Next it’s time to to start cutting your fabric and sewing your blocks. Once the quilt blocks are sewn we will then play with the placement. Yes we are going to arrange the blocks as each student feels they would like them to be arranged.

This workshop is designed to inspire the creative quilter in you. If your group is ready for something new this is the workshop for you. We will have a ton of fun and learn so much more. Book this workshop for your group if you want to know the 5 basic principles of design and have a day of fun and laughter.

Sewing Circles without Pinning!

In this workshop I will demonstrate and showcase creative quilt block designs that have been constructed of sew-in circles. You will be shown how to create sew-in circles of any size, without using pins and you will be encouraged and given time to make your own sew-in circle quilt block to use on future quilt projects.

So if you are looking for a fun and educational workshop this is the one for you and your group.