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Monday Sew – Sashiko Hand Stitching Handbags & Clothing


What is Sashiko? It is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching

Here I have mended these children’s jeans with patches made from small fabric pieces.
Here is my good friend and amazing artist, Hillary Goodwin. She is wearing the commissioned custom Sashiko jeans I created just for her.
Sashiko was developed out of practical need during the Edo era.
Here you can see the top I created. I added the clamshell pattern to create a beautiful summer top.
Denim and Boro hand stitching with black leather handles.
Messenger Bag – Denim and Boro hand stitching with leather belt handles.
Denim and Boro hand stitching with brown leather handles.
Stitching only the area of the sleeve pattern.
Front of the top.
I use WonderFil threads.
McCall’s Pattern.



I made an overnighter bag.


From the Publisher of Somerset Studio & Belle Armoire – Haute Handbags – Autumn 2016
Jeans Reimagined page 66-70
Enter a caption
It all starts here. I get my jeans from everywhere.


I Love Jeans and the Color Blue!…..


Here a great number of disabled people used to lie–the blind, the lame, the paralyzed.- John 5:3

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Monday Fun – Let’s Get Going

Our fabrics drying in the wind
Here are a few pattern of Shibori from my workshops

Kristen Indigo

Indigo 2
indigo workshop LK
Workshop at National African American Conference 2018

Indigo 1

Sandra blue
I love to teach and see all the new patterns
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FREE Adult Quilting and Sewing Workshop Open to all

FREE Adult Quilting and Sewing Workshop Open to All

  • Tuesday and Wednesdays, 4:00 PM to 9:PM

    Santiago Canyon College

    8045 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA (edit map)

  • Santiago Canyon College Room U90 (located on the Newport Ave. side of campus)
  • Come to Class where we have loads of fun and learn from each other.

    8045 E Chapman Ave., Room U-90 T Orange, CA 92869

    Tues & Wed 4:00pm – 9:00pm Wed 4:00pm – 9:00pm

    Come to class to see me demo how to quilt you own quilts to look like they have been quilted by your local long arm quilt professional.

    My open and encouraging teaching style allows my students the freedom to access their creativity and explore new ideas in a fun, friendly environment.

    Solid skills can be achieved through practice over time, but they are just a small part of creating good art.

    By the end of the first class, each student will be able to think creatively about how to express their life experiences through the projects they create. nts and expanding my own creative experience.

    I believe I can unlock the creative potential of every one of my students, and help each of them reach their creative goal.


Monday Sew with Butterick B5748 pattern

Oh my gosh I had so much fun selling this dress pattern. Are used Buttrick pattern B5748 . During the course of laying out my fabric and pattern I realize I didn’t have enough fabric to for fill the requirements for the skirt portion of the pattern. So I took and cut the skirt portion of the pattern adding denim to the lower half of that pattern pieces and look what I found an amazing new look for the dress. 

I’d love to see what others did with this pattern please send me a message show me what you did with this pattern also and have a great day sewing in creating your own wardrobe. 

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Monday Night Sew ~Sashiko Dress

Sashiko Stitching

Today I decided to add Sashiko hand stitching to this McCalls pattern M6102.

I got your back
Looking good
Time to stitch
Where is the sun?


McCalls Pattern

If you would like to join me and making 25% of your clothing for this year 2017. Follow this link:  http://www.mccall.com/home.html

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Simplicity wrap skirt my way 

This is the first of the fashions I will create for this year of #sandrajohnsondesigns 2017.

I used this Simplicity wrap skirt pattern as a base.

I replaced some of the panels with piecework. One panel has hand-stitched denim. I love the dark shadow from the pocket that I removed.

Another panel was replaced with a large section of hand-pieced hexagons. Anything from my sewing room is fair game, as long as I like the look.

👕👚✂️ I am living the life God wants for me. 🙏🏾

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Tuesday Tip ~ My Denim Creation

Deconstructing jeans for the denim is always fun. You must start with sharp scissors. The brand I use is KAI 7300 from Japan. They are made of high-carbon stainless steel. 


I use a mix of old and new denim in my quilts and other creations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here is a tip: when creating with repurposed denim, use different colored denim and see what kinds of patterns you can come up with. I had so much fun working with contrasting black denim and blue denim. I used pale purple embroidery threads for the hand stitching.