Shakerag welcomes Sandra Johnson, joining us June 16-22, 2019 to teach “Sewing: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe.” Full description and artist bio on our site in profile. Reminder, Educator Scholarship deadline April 1! here is the link to for more information

Dress with
Sashiko Hand Stitching

Ready, set, go! A capsule wardrobe is a fancy name for a small collection of clothing that you love and that fits you well. Come join Sandra Johnson as she leads you down the road to creating several key clothing items that will get you started with a capsule wardrobe for the summer. Discover new talents by using fabric combinations and patterns that will work for all body types.

Start thinking about the capsule wardrobe you will want to create in this workshop. Before we begin, you will select the garments you would like to create during the week. You will be creating these garments in a style called minimalist sewing. Sandra will assist you in fabric selection and pattern choices that will best fit your figure and lifestyle. You can bring fabrics from home or select fabrics available at the workshop (participants may choose fabrics from Sandra on her website and she will bring them to the class). Each day you will be able to complete a garment that is just right for you. Many basic clothing construction techniques will be explored through the week along with several techniques Sandra has developed herself. You will be mixing clothing construction and quilt making to create fashions that turn heads. At the end of the week all participants will have a good start on their very own capsule wardrobes.

This workshop is great for all skill levels, beginner to advanced.

Wrap Skirt from Quilt

Shakerag Workshops began in June 2004, with six classes in clay, digital arts, and book arts. From that small beginning, the program doubled in size with twelve classes offered in June 2005 in book arts, clay, digital arts, papermaking, felting, and watercolor. Since those first years, each week 50-65 participants gather to work together in small classes with their teachers, enjoying the studio immersion and the relaxation that are afforded by being away from the daily concerns of one’s life. Participants of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience have come to Shakerag – varying in experience from beginners to professional studio artists, coming from near (Sewanee and Monteagle) and far (Hawaii and Switzerland and England). During each Shakerag session a new community is created – and participants leaving the mountain have said that they feel renewed and invigorated by their Shakerag experience.