Shakerag Workshops – Sewing Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Sandra Johnson

Sewing: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Ready set go. A capsule wardrobe is a fancy name for a small collection of clothing that you love and that fit you well. Come join Sandra Johnson as she leads you down the road to creating several key clothing items that will get you started with a capsule wardrobe for the summer. Discover new talents by using fabric combinations and patterns that will work for all body types.This workshop is great for all skill levels beginner to advance. 

Time to start thinking about the capsule wardrobe you will create in this workshop. In the beginning you will select the garments you would like to create for the week. Creating these garments in a style is call minimalist sewing. Sandra will assist you in fabric selection and pattern choices that will best fit you figure and lifestyle. You can bring fabrics from home or select fabrics from the fabrics Sandra brings to the workshop. Each day you will be able to complete a garment that is just right for you. Many of the basic clothing construction techniques are explored through the week along with several techniques Sandra has developed herself. Mixing clothing construction and quilt making to create fashion that turns heads is the goal of the class. At the end of the week each student will have a good start on their very own capsule wardrobe.  All skill levels are welcome.

Artist’s Biography

Sandra’s sewing story all started with her 7th grade home economic teacher. From the beginning she was in love with fabric. After a rocky start and hours upon hours of sewing and quilting in her early teens she became quite an accomplished seamstress. Upon graduating from high school she had developed quite a reputation in her city and had several commissioned projects under her belt. She then attended Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona where she received her BS Liberal Arts, Home Economic, Textiles & Clothing degree. Her love for fashion and fabric took to Bullocks where she entered their Buyer program. But all the time still wanting to create and teach. So begin her teaching career as a quilting and sewing teacher. So for the next 30 years she was in instructor for many local city programs and local junior college programs. 

In 2014 Sandra decided to teach full time local and create art and clothing that would appeal to creative people all over the world. Her 1st modern quilt was shown at Quiltcon in 2016 at the show in Pasadena, CA and from their she has had many of her art quilts in local and national quilt shows. 

The list of publication Sandra has been featured in include: Simply Moderne’ summer 2018, winter 2019, Altered Couture 2018 – 2011, Haute Handbags 2016-2011, and Apron-ology 2014.

Sandra teaches 6 weekly quilting and sewing through her local junior colleges. And is able to squeeze in traveling all over the world where she is a guest lecture and conducts workshops.

She has had the opportunity to speak and teach at quilt guilds and conferences. Craft Napa, Quiltcon and The Festival of Quilts are just a few to the conferences she has and will teach in the future. 

Sandra lover spending time with her 4 grown children and extended family. She also loves discovering and exploring other cultures and countries.

Artist’s Statement

We all have creativity within us. My open and encouraging teaching style allows my students the freedom to access their creativity and explore new ideas in a fun, friendly environment.  I offer positive feedback on students’ creative decisions and also on their developing skills. The technical processes of sewing and quilt construction take patience and time to learn. Solid skills can be achieved through practice over time, but they are just a small part of creating good art. Opening up to excitement and creativity can be achieved in just one class.

By the end of the first class, each student will be able to think creatively about how to express their life experiences through the projects they create. By sharing my own skills and know-how, I am able to help students give shape to their new ideas. Many times the teaching process has found me learning from my students and expanding my own creative experience.

I believe I can unlock the creative potential of every one of my students, and help each of them reach their creative goal.

Shakerag welcomes Sandra Johnson, joining us June 16-22, 2019 to teach “Sewing: Creating a Capsule Wardrobe.” Full description and artist bio on our site in profile. Reminder, Educator Scholarship deadline April 1! here is the link to for more information

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