Friday Fun – Indigo Dye Workshop

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Time to register! Pre-Register 

Time to register! Limit d spaces! Indigo Dye and Shibori Workshop with Sandra Johnson. Come learn the art of Shibori

11:00am – 2:00pm

2pm – 5:pm.

You must pre-register with pay pal. Great fun learning the art of Japanese dyeing that involves folding, twisting or bunching of cloth and binding it, then dyeing in indigo. $75


Santa Ana Nov 26,

Long Beach Nov 12,

Oakland Nov 4.

Shibori is an ancient Japanese dyeing technique using natural dyes, and in this class you will use natural indigo, which antibacterial properties and has been used abundantly throughout history around the world. Learn the fundamentals of this timeless pattern-making process. We will concentrate on folding, tying, and using clamp resists, and dye in a plant-derived indigo vat. All dye materials and several pieces of cotton will be provided.

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