From June, 2017

Monday Sew – Row By Row 2017

So you ask yourself what is “Row By Row”. It is an adventure, you as the customer go on in the summer months. Why in the summer? What this does is it gets you and me into the stores to purchase fabric and see more things we would like to create. So here we go. I was traveling this past weeks to Arizona and stopped in on a few shops. I will blog about each shop because they were all so very special. Check out the link┬áThe Sewing’ Asylum Overall this store carried a number of fabrics for quilting and…

Monday Sew and Shibori Dyeing

Saturday’s Shibori, creating the all natural dye mixture Each design is unique with different types of folding techniques. Join us for the our next class Lunch Ladies Start the dyeing Dipping the different designs, with or without gloves     What a day! We had a blast with great company each taking home a new made by you crafts! Spend a day with us and get an new experience and meet adventurous creators like yourself! Connect with Sandra Johnson Designs on social media to see more.