Monday Night Sew McCalls Top

Sew your own fashions. Come along with me this year and lets get sewing.

img_3194I have always loved creating my own fashion clothing. So today I decided to work with McCalls pattern 7093 to create something new.


McCalls Pattern

The first thing I did was to look at the pattern to see where I could make some changes to make it my own. I love hand stitching but it can sometimes look funky if not placed just right.


Fabric from Hoffman fabrics

The sleeves is where I decided to place my stitching. So the first step was to gather the fabrics for the project. I used Hoffman fabric for the top front and back and a solid blue fabric (manufacture unknown) for the sleeves.

FullSizeRender 20.jpg

Then I looked through my sashiko designs to select the pattern which would best fit the sleeves and also look good with the Hoffman fabric. I decided on a diamond/star design.


Beginning the Sashiko stitching. See the chalk guide lines.

I marked where I wanted the hand-stitching on the sleeve fabric with a tailors chalk on the wrong side of the fabric. Then I traced the sashiko design I printed from a book, using a stylus and transfer paper made by Speedball. This lays out the entire design in very faint lines that will not show through the fabric and will disappear after washing.


Stitching only in the area of the sleeve pattern.

After transferring the pattern to the wrong side of the fabric I then used my wonderfil perle cotton thread #8 to stitch my design, stopping at the seam lines from the sleeve pattern.


I use Wonderfil threads.


Almost done!


Sashiko stitching complete. Time to cut the pattern out.


Sleeves cut out ready to sew

After completing the sashiko stitching on the sleeve pattern I then cut out the pattern. Following the instruction on the pattern for cutting and sewing. This pattern was a breeze. I was able to complete the whole thing in 8 hours total. Start to Finish


Front of the top



The bottom hem slopes down around the back.



You can extend the top if needed.

I will make this pattern again. I am rating this pattern a 5 out of 5

Fit: 5 stars

Easy to sew: 5 stars

This one is a must on your Sew-Your-Own-Clothing list!


  1. This is ridiculously impressive! I can’t believe you embroidered the sleeves yourself! At first glance, I thought you’d just used a pretty complementing fabric but then I read further and I was shocked! Such talent! Nice one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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