Friday Fun – 16 Gifts for Christmas

What do you give your …

Today I was asked what I give to my postman.

I have to stop and think about all the gifts I have made over the past few years for Christmas presents. So here are a few of them.

I hope this list helps you with your last minute gifts.


Aprons are great gifts for a young couple or someone you know who loves to cook. Maybe you will recieve a cookie plate in return!


I made this apron extra special with embroidery and rick-rack at the waist band.


I was able to create unique aprons for each person on my list, based on their personalities.


Pillow are great gifts, and who could not use one for their special chair?  I added hand stitching which shows my love for the person recieving this gift.


Now this one-of-a-kind overnight bag is for a very special someone. The sashiko embroidery was all hand stitched.


This repurposed mat was made for my daughter’s 5th grade reading corner.


Reading made fun when sitting on this mat made from pockets.


My boys both have quilts I’ve made from repurposed denim. Quilts are great gifts for the man in your life.


This quilt is stitched and embroidered on top.


Pillows anyone?


Coasters are great gifts for everyone.


I used this special frabric from Africa.


Denim is the back frabrc.


And what about your little friends? They also like sashiko patches added to a pair of pants.


This handbag is perfect for a young girl.


I made this pillow and gave it to my mother’s best friend for Christmas.


Have a friend give you their jeans, and you add hand-stitched embellishment to them.


This bag went to a very special friend.


I turned flying geese into a top, just for my daughter.


By adding fabric behind the holes in these jeans you get designer style.



Clothing is something fun to make and give.


This dress is wanted by many of my friends… so, who gets it?


Give the gift of a quilting calss or sewing class with supplies.

Handmade gifts are the best way to show your love. No one else can make it but you!


  1. These are some great ideas! Some are simple enough to make at the last minute. And I love seeing the variety of your beautiful creations. Thanks for sharing!

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