Tuesday Tip – Visit Quilt Shops When you Travel

Every time I leave town, I take the opportunity to check out a new fabric store or quilt shop. I love finding prints that my shops at home don’t carry. But how do you know where to go? Here are some tips for finding great places when you’re away from home.


  1. Ask your social media contacts. No doubt you have online friends who sew. See if anyone knows a good shop in the area you’re traveling to. (Safety tip: Don’t mention the exact dates of your trip. There’s no need to broadcast that your home will be empty for a few days!)
  2. Contact the quilt guild in the area you’re visiting. They might have a sponsoring store, and they will definitely know all their local resources.
  3. Ask your hosts.
  4. And of course, it goes without saying, check the all-knowing Google. Do your research to find directions and store hours, as well as any special events or sales.

img_6619img_2359img_6611I picked up some pink fabric while I was in Sacramento, for October Breast Cancer Awareness month.


img_6938     img_6929

Here are a couple more shops I found through Google.

Goin’Quilting, and The Confident Stitch, both in Missoula.

img_6969     img_6953

img_6954     img_6968

You know I love indigo shibori!

Oh, and remember to leave room in your baggage for your purchases! Happy shopping!


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