My Lectures are approximately one hour in length and I will allow time for questions and answers after the lecture. I will bring my own handmade quilts with me to share with the audience.

During my lectures I communicate my belief that everyone is creative. Let’s create together and encourage each other all over the world by creating clothing, quilts, art quilts, handbags, dyed fabric, and hand stitching.

What I believe is I can help anyone to create whatever they would want to create and enjoy the process. I am available to teach in the USA and internationally.


Hope side

Modern Quilting 

A discussion of modern quilting and what is modern. After years of quilting we now have a movement which has taken a style of quilting construction and named it “Modern Quilting.” I take you through the history of quilting to the present Modern Quilt era. This lecture is filled with quilts I have made mixed with laughter and thought provoking questions. Are you a modern quilter? What does it mean to be a modern quilter? If you are looking for colorful quilts and many different ways of looking at constructing and designing your quilts, this is the lecture for your group.



The Life of a Quilter

In this lecture I take you back to the start of my sewing, quilting years to the present. Hang on for a ride because it was not pretty. The truth hurts sometimes and I will be very truthful with my good and bad creations. The stories are full of fun and tears. I sometimes fall into a hole when it comes to quilting and design. My back ground in Home Economics helped me to dig myself out of that hole, and my sheer determination is how I have maintained some sense of composure through all the ups and downs. If you want to know if what you’re experiencing is normal to the life of a quilter, this is the lecture for you.


Denim is My Thing

I love the color blue and working with repurposed denim. Where did this all start, and how I have become to be known as the “Denim Lady”? Everyone has denim they are keeping; one day they will make something of the old clothing they no longer wear. Well that day came to me several years ago and I jumped in with both feet. I started designing quilts and wearable art with repurposed denim from my family, friends, church members, thrift stores, and anyone who would send me their old denim. I now look at denim as fabric for color, texture, and size to create quilts, art quilts, and clothing. If your group is into repurposing, or they just want some ideas for what to do with all the denim they have stored away, this is the lecture for you.